Most meetings should result in a decision. However, most meetings are not run well enough to get a decision. Today, I summarize the method Pivotal Labs uses to find The One Thing to Work On. It’s from the book Radically Collaborative Patterns for Software Makers – you can download it for free.


00:00:00 – The agenda.
03:27:00 – The point of a meeting is to make a decision.
04:30:05 – An example of a decision.
05:51:28 – The facilitator.
07:36:12 – Examples of decisions made, esp. application modernization.
10:04:13 – From many to one – finding the ONE thing, ignoring the others.
13:04:02 – Getting people to write down all their ideas.
14:37:20 – Rip up five ideas.
17:22:08 – Go over the ideas on a wall.
18:52:20 – Several passes at prioritizing, by easy/valuable.
21:07:09 – Ranking what’s left.
22:37:26 – Mind-tricks to encourage collaboration.
24:27:12 – Mind-trick: Just start, even if it’s dumb.


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