I had a great conversation with Boskey Savla (@boskey) goes over kubernetes for VI admins. We discuss what VI admins traditionally do, how that maps to kubernetes, and the new tasks and roles admins have when managing kubernetes. Also: what does “kubernetes in vSphere,” like, actually mean?


  1. Check out Boskey’s courses on kube.academy.
  2. What VI admins do, traditionally.
  3. Kubernetes is a set of interfaces, APIs, and architectural norms.
  4. How admining kubernetes is different than VI admins: roles change a little bit.
  5. The VM fits to the app, but the app fits to k8s.
  6. Kubernetes is built into vSphere 7 – see Boskey’s blog post on this.

Also, check out her session from SpringOne 2020, “Crafting a New Enterprise App Platform with Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Istio, and More.”


00:00 – Boskey Savla
01:06 – Her two courses at kube.academy.
01:56 – What is a “VI admin”?
05:57 – How kubernetes changes the role of VI admins.
10:00 – The “API”/interface differences between traditional VMs and kubernetes.
15:20 – Getting started with kubernetes: start with what you have.
19:54 – Putting together video training.
23:57 – kubernetes is in vSphere – wut?
30:46 – Bye, bye!


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