Pay decisions, manager tools

This means that, in theory at least, managers should benefit from the automation of mundane tasks and the support provided by ‘technology augmentation’ even if it means significant changes to their job spec — as long as such ideas are thought-through; presented in a non-threatening way they can buy into, and finally that they are provided with appropriate levels of training to help them make the most of it.

I hadn’t had enough coffee to sort out all the survey numbers and assertions in this write-up. However:

  • As I’m fond of pointing out, most “management” and office work stuff (where the work is oriented around The Meeting where project status will be reviewed or business decisions made) has very little tools (beyond Office) or process.
  • People spend a lot of time on low-value decisions: “Another issue is that they spend inordinate amounts of time working out what amount to small pay variations.” This is a kind of, I don’t know, “local optimism.” You think that spending a lot of time on this decision will create a lot of value, but it’s actually just over a few points of improvement that don’t payoff on the time spent.

Original source: How tech will change the role of the line manager, according to Gartner