When “multi-cloud” means “standard interface”

Kubernetes Provides a Common Interface – Another big benefit we didn’t totally expect when first using Kubernetes is the simplicity a common interface offers. Right now, CockroachCloud runs on GCP and AWS, and we have plans to expand. Kubernetes offers a consistent way of running production across clouds. And that’s powerful.

There’s a distinction here between something like “portable executable” and “common interface, API, and architecture.” I get tired of my own analogy here, but kubernetes has the potential to be like J(2)EE as leveler for One Architecture.

For example:

Reading between the lines, it seems that the advantage of using Kubernetes in flight is that it allows multiple software packages to be run on the aircraft’s mission systems (the ones used for working the onboard cameras, basically) without being dependent upon a single hardware environment – or requiring long and costly recertification of multiple software packages running on that single hardware environment.

I’m not sure it’s positioned that way, nor used that way enough to know if it’s true or good, yet.

Original source: How to Run a Software as a Service on Kubernetes