VMware Tanzu’s competitive differentiation: integrating kubernetes into/with enterprise infrastructure

one of the biggest difficulties “enterprises face is not in simply delivering Kubernetes as an abstraction on compute, but dealing with the mechanics of integrating storage and networking capabilities,” McLuckie said.

“As we have worked with customers, this consistently emerges as one of the biggest challenges to building a functional Kubernetes based abstraction.”

“The challenges of dealing with network configuration, ingress routing and load balancing, etc. will be tackled at the infrastructure level with a fully integrated solution. Our goal is to deliver turnkey Kubernetes in a variety of configurations based on the needs of the business with minimal effort and infrastructure retooling.”

“VMware vSphere with Tanzu helps customers rapidly adopt Kubernetes by allowing them to configure enterprise-grade Kubernetes infrastructure with their existing technology, tools and skillsets.”

For example, VI admins can now turn on kubernetes in vSphere, as opposed to setting up, integrating, and managing a whole new infrastructure stack.

Original source: VMworld 2020: Can a Single Vendor Pull DevOps into One API?