Gartner on Google Cloud

How about Google? Gartner said it is also strong for “every use case,” apart from edge, which is a rather strong caveat. It has won developer “mind share” via open source Kubernetes and TensorFlow, and according to Gartner, “closed a number of critical capability gaps between GCP and Azure.”

The analysts were not happy with GCP’s availability record, however. “Google’s much-vaunted network capabilities have been the source of a number of GCP outages during the last year, with devastating impact on customers,” they wrote.

The fact that GCP is “a small fraction of overall Google revenue” is also a concern, presumably on the basis that if parent company Alphabet were to decide to change track, the cloud product set might no longer keep pace with its competition.

Based in Tim Anderson’s summary, it seems like the MQ matches everyone’s general sentiment and folklore about the public cloud providers.

Public cloud is just becoming normal IT, with the usual benefits and faults. Ongoing, as negatives are found, the framing will likely be: it’s better than the alternative. That is, whatever faults public cloud has, the overall benefit will likely be better than sticking with majority on-premises.

Original source: Gartner on cloud contenders: AWS fails to lower its prices, Microsoft ‘cannot guarantee capacity’, Google has ‘devastating’ network outages