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So when you’re transforming your organization, it’s important not to lose sight of this. You’re transforming yourself, the manager and the executive, the people who are doing that organizational transformation. Here’s 5 things you should check on to kind of be a dipstick if you will. If you’re changing yourself one the format of your meeting should change. You’re not only getting status updates of what’s happening, but you’re learning how the product has changed new understandings of the customer.

An getting a sense of how the product is helping the business. You should also be changing the people you talk with. You’re not just talking with your direct reports, but you’re talking with product managers and other people. Maybe even audit people as you’re trying to clear the way for automating more of compliance. You should be thinking about how the things you measure change not only technical metrics. Time to close bugs and.

Time to deploy, but metrics about how your software is improving the way your business functions. Things like customer satisfaction, revenue, the time it takes to fill out a mortgage application, and the time it takes to refill a prescription. You should also be encountering customers a lot more end users having that same empathy for what people are doing with the software that you want your developer teams to be having.

And finally, you should be delegating a lot more. Instead of using your meetings and your managerial position to make all of the decisions or to make the crucial decisions. Many of the decisions are pushed down to the actual teams who have weekly, daily familiarity with the business in the software, and they’re the ones that should be more and more making decisions that you probably were more comfortable making in the past. So if you look at those.

Kind of go through those every now and then. Make sure that they’ve changed from your pre transformation time to see if you yourself are actually changing.