Application modernization requires more than just technology, lots of consultative analysis

An analysis of things to fix:

The assessment is fairly detailed, tailored to each organization and helps them to benchmark each line of its business against other areas of its company, the overall industry and specific leaders within that industry. The final assessment, an example of which is below, reveals where the company’s bottlenecks are and where they can make the biggest and most impactful investments, Google said.

For example:

"Examples of these practices include driving alignment between developers and operators, lean product development, and technical practices such as implementing loosely coupled architectures, continuous testing, and more,” Teich said. “Modernizing applications and software development processes is one of the hardest challenges facing today’s enterprises. With Google CAMP, large organizations across all industries can modernize to generate powerful business outcomes.”

Original source: Google updates Anthos and debuts a new app modernization program