Public cloud spending finally more than on-premises, by hardware

As investments in cloud IT infrastructure continue to increase, with some swings up and down in the quarterly intervals, the IT infrastructure industry is approaching the point where spending on cloud IT infrastructure consistently surpasses spending on non-cloud IT infrastructure. The fourth quarter of 2019 marked the third consecutive quarter of cloud IT leadership with the annual share just slightly below the midpoint (49.7%). From here on out, IDC expects cloud IT infrastructure will stay above 50% of the IT Infrastructure market at both the quarterly and annual levels, reaching 60.5% annually in 2024.

IDC’s stalwart tracker looks at hardware spend. Putting software in would be great, but asking a bit much I suppose.

The point of this is that more hardware spend probably goes to public cloud, but not just building clouds (a relatively smaller number, usually), organizations using it.

Original source: Cloud IT Infrastructure Spending Grew 12.4% in the Fourth Quarter, Bringing Total 2019 Growth into Positive Territory, According to IDC