Not a social device

The Walkman (briefly called the Soundabout) debuted in most places outside of Japan in 1980. The early versions were bulky and — in a misunderstanding of how the device would change listening — came with an extra headphone port for a friend. A button paused the music and activated a microphone so the paired listeners could talk to each other. Sony jettisoned these features once it was clear users preferred to listen on their own in sonic isolation.

I can imagine going off on a jag about anti-social anti-networks: things, “places” that are for being alone and not connected. That’s Apple, in some way, at least with the relationship between the person and the device. People might choose to use Apple’s stuff to publish in and connect to social networks, but it’s not what Apple products are intended for: a social network of one.

Original source: The Soundabout