Adoption COVID tracking apps in Germany, India, and Korea: rocky

So much worry over privacy, which in this case, is that the government will use the tracing information to, I don’t know, force you to quarantining. Also, theirs the long term storage of tracking that could be used by future bad actors for bad things. Dunno.

Those kinda of concerns, even a whiff of them, are anathema to American culture. Plus:

Americans’ trust in government is near an all-time low. Concerns about the government and tech companies accessing citizens’ data have been heightened in recent years with a string of revelations, from Edward Snowden to Cambridge Analytica, and citizens are worried about privacy breaches and misuse of data.

There is also no cohesive nationwide plan to deploy such apps. The White House, federal agencies and state governments have failed to champion them, which means that adoption rates are likely to be low and people won’t see enough value in using them to risk their privacy. Apps may appear in pockets – companies, college campuses, local communities – creating a fragmented, unreliable system of digital contact tracing.

Original source: Digital Contact Tracing’s Mixed Record Abroad Spells Trouble for US Efforts to Rein in COVID-19