Emoji’s in email subject lines

Overall, emojis seem to be a double-edged sword: they can negatively impact users’ attitudes, but they can also attract some attention and move the focus on the visual aspects of the email (which, in itself could be good or bad). Overusage will wipe out their benefits, likely leaving us only with the drawbacks.

I’m not too sure what the findings are, and it’s a low n (100 or so). But, some there’s some concepts that are fun to read through nonetheless.

I have a feeling it’s like all novel, attention grabbing techniques: it stands out until everyone is doing it.

In theory an emoji can convey a lot of information in a single character too: a movie one can tell you this email is about movies, a party one parties, an exploding head, a rant. This is done over at micro.blog, and it’s built into search as well.

Demographics might also drive emoji utility. I’m 40 something and I find them childish and frivolous, a sign that the content isn’t serious enough and/or is marketing and The Kids nonsense. But I know that’s “wrong”: it’s just different characters people are using. Getting over that split second sentiment takes multiple seconds of conscious work on my part to backtrack from that unconscious reaction.

(Looming at the subject line of this blog post, I realize that I don’t even take the word separately, I treat it like a made-up bullshit word that has no proper way to be written in the plural. Instead I by add an apostrophe to make it plural.)

Thus far the best use of emojis I have is as a cheap way to acknowledge I’ve gotten a message (that missing “I have received and understood your message and have nothing further to say” word in English, like “roger” and “copy” in radio talk). A simple thumbs up (👍 ) communicates a lot.

Conversely, sending archaic technology (📠 or 💾) is good if replying with absurdism is an understood mode of communication with the person you’re talking with.

These tactics are especially good when I replay people from my Apple Watch. I don’t have to pull out my phone to tap out “sounds good, I’ll bring the lasagna,” I can just tap 👍 and turn around to go back home and get the lasagna.

Original source: Emojis in Email Subject Lines: Advantage or Impediment?