Gartner’s container TAMing

the analyst firm predicts swift growth revenue growth for the likes of Red Hat, Rancher and VMware, with this year’s sales of US$465.8 million to become $944 million in 2024…. But that’s less than the annual revenue of $1bn Gartner expects IaaS providers will win from hosting containers by 2022.

And, to the question of how many apps run in production, in kubernetes, not that many at the moment, or in the future:

The analyst firm predicts that before 2024 containers will become “the default choice for 75 percent of new custom enterprise applications”, with the result that 15 percent of all apps use containers by the same year. That’s up from five percent today.

This means that in 2024 they predict that 85% of apps will be in not-container. The number must be in the high 90%’s now.

Meanwhile, neglected tech debt and calcified portfolios is a problem when it comes to innovation:

But Gartner thinks that growth isn’t a great sign of container-mania, because a combination of technical debt, application backlogs and budget constraints mean organisations will prioritise other work. For many, the unavoidable need to do things like migrate SAP HANA to the cloud will simply deserve more attention…. [The report’s author says that] Organisations looking to re-factor apps can do so more easily with virtual machines.

Also, more figures in the press release, including current usage.

Original source: Containers to capture 15 percent of all enterprise apps across 75 percent of business by 2024