Cloud Foundry moving to kubernetes

The move has been happening for awhile, it keeps going:

“Each project team is using it as an opportunity to re-architect, the way that their component of the system works to include more projects from the broader cloud-native open source community, whether it’s inclusion of Fluentd or Prometheus, whether it’s the deeper integration with Istio, whether it’s re-imagining how our own code can exist as [custom resource definitions] within Kubernetes,” Childers said.

Both of those projects build on CFF’s increased focus on the Kubernetes ecosystem. Childers previously explained to SDxCentral that Kubernetes remains a hard platform to use in production environments and that it was focused on easing that integration. It targets the Cloud Foundry platform as the simplified, nice, and easy-to-use layer on top of Kubernetes to build “the best enterprise developer experience” and avoid “any of the infrastructure conversation.”

Original source: Cloud Foundry Touts Kubernetes Progress, New CLI