Managers have to show people they’re changing to the new culture too

When the weather is nice, Barksdale-Perry also encourages her team to go outside, go for a run, do yoga on their decks, or really any activity that makes the most sense for them. In doing so, she added that it’s important for managers to lead by example.

“They are looking to you—and so when I tell people ‘get up and go outside,’ I plan to do the same thing for an hour and I tell them ‘hey, I’m going for a run this morning, you know, you should go out and get up and do it as well.”

Here, we see a daily tactic in place. When culture change is going on, you want people to do new things, follow new norms. Otherwise, you’re not really transforming.

Managers have to not only tell employees that they should – they have permission to – follow new practices and norms. The managers have to do them as well. Either we hang together, or we hang apart.

Original source: Federal Managers Should Model Self-Care for Their Employees