Ideas to expand telehealth beyond video calls

In other words, the narrow set of things health providers can do for us via a Zoom call today will soon include a broad set of services that are delivered through things like apps and connected devices.

All the great ideas aside:

  1. If each system is closed (you can only do it inside of one app), it'll fail because the company will fall behind innovations (the app will seem old and creeky), less people will install it because it's some weird app off in the App Store.
  2. I think we'd make huge advances (more efficient w/r/t to time, money, and access) if doctors and clinicians just used FaceTime and other consumer video services.

For example, I see a therapist in Austin over Skype each week. Before they didn't want to do remote conferences, now they do.

In contrast, back in the States, each year I had to renew my mind-drugs prescription with my doctor. As with all US clinic visits, they usefully would weigh me and take my blood pressure when I'd go in (the Dutch don't do this). Then my doctor would ask me a few questions (basically, “do you think about committing suicide?”), and then renew my prescription. All of that could have been a few minute video conference call – an email, and IM even.

There seems to be a huge amount of healthcare provided in person that could just be done on video, just audio even.

Original source: Telehealth’s future is bright. Here’s what it’ll look like in 2025