You can never step in the same cash flow twice

The central thing to remember about an economy is that it is not an absolute value of something, but one that is really based on flow rates. We think of it like it is an ocean with a certain amount of water when it is really more like a water park with funky rides that looks and feels like a lot of water because it is in high motion in a much smaller closed system.

The flow never stops, and we all have to do our part to keep it moving. And I am not talking about what seems to have been the case through a lot of economic crises in the past, where we have been basically told to just keep shopping and taking our vacations. That is not sufficient, and it never was. What companies need to do is try to do as much business as they possibly can and keep as many people on the payroll as possible to keep as much flow going as possible.

Original source: Love – And Business – In The Time Of Coronavirus