Find your own path productivity

Don’t ask: am I organized enough? Instead, you might ask: Am I shipping work in sufficient quality and quantity to cause the changes I seek to make? If not, what’s stopping me?


Shipping has never been a problem for me. What has always been a problem for me is shipping work that is important enough. 

And targeting the audience and best medium to help them:

> So I’m asking, What is the change I’m trying to make? And, Who’s it for and what’s it for? And then I ask things like, What’s the medium that will help it get there? Is it a blog post, or a talk? Or is it a book? What box does it fit in?

And, using a megadeck that you pick and choose slides from for each presentation:

> When I give a talk I have about 200 slides, and none of the slides have words on them. Each has a picture and the picture brings up a story that I want to talk about. Each story is associated with an image in the presentation.

Original source: Seth Godin Hates Being Organized