“Still winging it.”

I’m not a great planner. I wing it, a lot. I listen to the world and try to tell which way the wind is blowing. When I say “plan” I really mean creating the possibility of opportunity. I till the soil to try and grow my own luck. I create options. And I invent things, relentlessly. I am solidly a second-division writer, at best, by any model and definition. But I’m still here because I work and think, a lot, to make new things and try new things.

Meanwhile, something I have to remind myself of no matter what “The Current Situation” (because there’s always a “Current Situation” going on in my broken mind):

And yet, my own reality is that I tend to deal with stress by working. And I tend to relieve stress by writing.

Original source: The Orbital Operations For 15 Mar 2020