Kohl’s omni-channel progress, according to Kohl’s

Also, fun words:

Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS)

From what I can tell, omni-channel strategies are table stakes – ultimately they will be differentiated by working, not just existing. Integrating with loyalty programs is also a key, technical part. I'm sure all of the organizations are really thinking about what they can do differently than others, like integrating with Pinterest or whatever.

The problem with software, however, is that it can quickly and easily and cheaply be replicated. Us software vendors have known this for a long time – there are many databases, all which do the same thing; many “office” suites; countless ERP vendors. The only way to differentiate is on success (community, ecosystem, partners, people know how to use it), price (cheaper or easier to acquire than competitors), and simply working (software is error prone and buyers customize how they use it so much that software often just doesn't work well).

After all this digital transformation, when large organizations run on software, they'll have to get back to competing in execution and having unique features, or price. You know, Porter shit.

Original source: Amazon alliance is boosting footfall in store at Kohl's, but not sales to any great effect