Lunch notebook – 20200129

Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bar eats you.

Where does the time go? It’s especially hard when your mind betrays you and you go a little crazy. My mornings often start well: sitting and reading with some coffee before everyone else wakes up. Just like my dad!

Then it’s the rodeo to get the kids off to school, the source of much strife and a potential leap into a bad day if things go poorly. But then there’s a bike ride back home, and with that coffee and the day ahead of my, my mind races with possibilities and ideas.

And, back at the desk, if I don’t dive in and start on work immediately, I loose track and get distracted. I have to maintain discipline of just not reading emails and Slack and all these things that want my attention.

Kubernetes for developers

I’m speaking at QCon London coming up. After seeing Paul’s talk on kubernetes and, well, being part of a LoB at VMware to sells kubernetes, I want to give a “how to put together your kubernetes strategy, for developers.” Really, what it amounts to is putting together your DevOps stack, but you’re not supposed to talk about DevOps as if it’s tools and actual products.

I think that’s mostly bullshit, at best, misunderstood: us IT people throw too much worth into the sacredness of culture and process things – and then we wonder why enterprises find it so hard to adopt the practices – to get better – when we keep saying it’s not about using tools but fundamentally changing how you think and operate.

So, was I supposed to get that abstract written up by now? Yes. Perhaps this afternoon.

Tongue “cheese”