GDPR is being enforced

DPAs have levied 190 fines and penalties to date. With 43 enforcement decisions made so far, Spain leads the pack as Europe’s most active regulator, followed by Romania (21) and Germany (18). The UK has imposed the highest total amount of fines — more than €315 million — if both British Airways’ and Marriott’s fines are upheld after appeal. Following are France’s Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, with just over €51 million in fines, and Germany’s DPA, at nearly €25 million.

They’re actually going after people! GDPR is one of the most annoying things about living in Europe.

I’m sure it’s ultimately good – like flossing – but dealing with it everyday is terrible. I’d like to suggest in the next draft that they mandate that it’s all just turned off and that I can dig down into some special settings page if I want t turn tracking on. It’s not like I ever spend the time on the numerable sites I visit each day to select which information I want to share. I just want to get on with my day so I click “Accept All.”

Source: Guess What? GDPR Enforcement Is On Fire!