🗂 Link: ‘Rijksoverheid al 4 jaar in de clinch met Oracle’

According to the confidential memo, Oracle’s routine tactic is to threaten based on incompliance and to maximize potential licensing issues. After that, software licenses and the looming costs of such licenses can be negotiated from such a beaten problem. The result can then be a relatively better than expected amount for the shocked customer, but is not a low amount.

Source: ‘Rijksoverheid al 4 jaar in de clinch met Oracle’

🗂 Link: A spot of after-hours business email does you good, apparently

Published in the Computers in Human Behaviour academic journal, the study enumerates no fewer than 72 actions that people apparently take while managing their work emails. We can count five – delete, mark as spam, forward, reply and read but ignore – and can only imagine that reaching the figure of 72 must include crying and rocking in the corner of the office while reading the full contents of one’s inbox.

Source: A spot of after-hours business email does you good, apparently

🗂 Link: DevOps-Led Business Transformation

The reality, though, is that many European organizations are only at the beginning of the journey to achieve elite delivery performance. From IDCs point of view, the ability to transform application estates and accelerate application delivery is one of the most critical business objectives for organizations in the next five years, with European organizations forecast to spend $80 billion on accelerated application delivery by 2022. 

Source: DevOps-Led Business Transformation

🗂 Link: Deutsche Bank to set up innovation division to drive digital transformation

The bank will create agile teams where “product owners in business and infrastructure divisions will lead teams of technologists, using agile principles, to continuously work on products and ensure progress meets their expectations”.

It will also increase the proportion of software engineers in the workforce and better support and motivate them, as well as “reduce the burdens that slow them down.”

Source: Deutsche Bank to set up innovation division to drive digital transformation