DellWorld 2019 coverage, selections

Dell executives have been blunt about their expectations for the impact of 5G and the edge. Dell Technologies Vice Chairman Jeff Clarke told conference attendees that 25% of all data will soon be consumed at the edge through evolving 5G applications. Dell himself was even more expansive, flatly predicting in this interview that compute of data at the edge will be bigger than the public or private cloud.

Source: In gambling mecca, Dell’s founder offers evidence that big bets on multicloud, AI and edge will pay off


Fifty-five commercial 5G networks will be deployed around the world by the end of 2019, said Malhotra, even though the standards won’t be complete until 2020. Pre-standardisation rollouts aren’t unusual: the same thing happened with 4G, he noted.

Meanwhile, a lot more than normal on the storage angle for all this hybrid cloud stuff.

And, some talk about the company itself:

“Sometimes it occurs organically and sometimes it occurs inorganically,” he said, smirking. “After the combination of EMC and VMware and Pivotal, we are far bigger than any of the individual companies added all together — the revenue synergies have been quite significant.”