My new book: Digital WTF, forwarded by John Willis

Cover of my book, Digital WTF

I’ve collected together my columns from The Register and several other pieces into a book, Digital WTF. You can buy it! YAY, CAPITALISM.

There’s plenty of people telling you why digital transformation, DevOps, agile, and cloud are good. When you’re finished being inspired, this book is waiting for you, like a forgotten twenty dollar bill in that lambskin trucker jacket you haven’t worn in 16 years.

Can I write a blurb, or what?!

Sadly, as I’m putting it together myself, it has typos, and I’m sure I’ll come out with some dot releases modifying it and adding (or removing!) some of the content.

In the meantime, enjoy it! It’ll go all PDF, epub, mobi, or whatever. That means it’ll work in whatever ereader you have.

Here’s a longer description of the book:

The phrase “digital transformation” is stupid, but like all stupid tech trend phrases it actually means something precise and useful: creating better software. DevOps and agile are equally maligned yet useful. Coté has covered this topic for many years and has tried to describe each using common practices, pit-falls, and anecdotes, such as: the role of developers and managers in DevOps, small batch release cycles, dealing with finance, and burnout. The book also includes coverage of vendor sports, a select history of the software industry, and tactics for surviving the head-banging-on-a-brick wall life of working at a large organization. Since these topics are really boring, Coté writes in a darkly humorous, irreverent style that at least leaves you entertained by the end of each piece – so people tell him.

My old pal John Willis was very kind to write a forward for me. He’s a very kind man.

Get a copy and enjoy!

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