🗂 Is this the future of retail? We checked out the new high-tech store from Microsoft and Kroger

You use an in-store device or you phone to scan items to buy:

The speed is most visible when a shopper calls up an item on her pre-determined shopping list and is guided to the exact aisle and shelf position of that item. As the shopper gets within range, of say, the jar of pasta sauce she’s shopping for, a food icon that she has selected as her “emoji” of choice appears on the EDGE shelf display — which is helpful when there are dozens of brands of pasta sauce on those shelves.

The shopper then scans the item’s barcode with a QFC device or personal smartphone, learns how much they might be saving, and adds the item to the cart. The next item appears on the list and so on.

Then you can self-checkout and bag.…,, @cote