“Today, at the cutting edge of our current innovations, we know the following about our psychophysiological response to feared situations: How you react in any moment is triggered by whatever personal meaning you express about the event: it seems safe; it sounds exciting; it’s going to be boring; it looks dangerous. You may not even be conscious of that meaningful message. It can simply rise up in your unconscious without your awareness. Once you’ve engaged in that meaning, consciously or unconsciously, it triggers a cascade of responses that can show up in your thoughts, your emotions, your facial expressions, and other changes in your body. At that very moment, you begin to sense your emotion, whether that emotion is joy, interest and curiosity, excitement, disgust, or fear. You may suddenly notice that you feel excited, or you may register how scared you are. And if it is a distinct emotion, it will direct your actions. Anger kindles your urge to attack. Desire gives you an urge to approach. Fear stimulates your urge to escape.” from “Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry” by Reid Wilson,, @cote