Link: Seattle’s complaints about Amazon HQ1

People say Amazon isn’t good for Seattle, here’s a summary of the issues: ‘Housing prices in Seattle are rising faster than anywhere else in the nation. According to Business Insider, from 2005 to 2015, Seattle’s median rent jumped from $1,008 to $1,286, an increase nearly three times the national median, while the city’s median home price skyrocketed 17 percent in the last year, reaching $730,000. Amazon has snatched up more new office space downtown than every other company in the city combined, “helping Seattle become the crane capital of America and a near-constant construction site,” writes the Seattle Times. In September, Times columnist Danny Westneat warned potential HQ2 cities of a “prosperity bomb” that would wipe out mom-and-pop shops and old diners and replace them with “the new and sterile,” plus an invading army of “bros” as a result of Amazon’s mostly male workforce.’
Original source: Seattle’s complaints about Amazon HQ1

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