Pivotal Conversations: A hopeful view of cloud-native enterprise architecture

Another discussion about what enterprise architecture might mean in a cloud-native world:

It’s probably a good idea to learn about enterprise architecture by talking to someone who’s actually done it. In this episode, we talk with Stuart Charlton, now of Pivotal, but previously of roles where he EA’s, even back in the SOA era! We discuss the mapping of traditional EA to cloud-native, and also some strategies for Coté to increase his Twitter followers, and, as ever, some recent cloud-native news.

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2 Replies to “Pivotal Conversations: A hopeful view of cloud-native enterprise architecture”

  1. Yet another fascinating conversation about the new role of Enterprise Architecture to essentially help design and enforce a CI/CD pipeline and the underlying standardization on a technology stack to enable innovation. As you and your guests are talking about the new role of an Enterprise Architect it sounds a lot like what people in the role of “Devops Evangelist” and other new titles being made up. DevOps, Clousd, CI/CD…the whole taxonomy seems to be in a lot of flux right now about how to describe people who are tying things together. Even Meetup groups sometimes call themselves DevOps or Cloud or Continuous Delivery but all are sort of going after the same ideas. It makes me wonder whether Enterprise Architect might be forever consigned to the bin of “wehate that guy” and whether these new Ninjas would be content to call themselves Enterprise Architects.

    It’s kind of like an early adopter of the “horseless carriage” calling himself an automobible repairman while telling all his peers that they really need to evolved in other to start figuring out how to repair the internal combustion engine. Would the early adopters of this new group ever be content to just be called buggy repairmen again?

    There will be some interesting years ahead and it will be fascinating to see how the world settles on terms. I know if I was an Enterprise Architect with some mad DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud understanding that I wouldn’t want to just have Enterprise Architect in my title but something that conveys that I’m a steely-eyed innovator.

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  2. As with your other comments, this all great stuff. In addition to talking with you more – recording a podcast even – it’d be good to get any input you have on my write-up of all this stuff. I’ve started a draft here that’s something like 1/4 of the way done drafting: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Its-enterprise-architecture-all-over-again-4AkexTYaUZDZt3YXTro0b

    Thanks for the frequent feedback of late, I really appreciate that someone finds all my nonsense helpful :)


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