Coté Show: North-bound Enterprise Architecture with Matt Walburn – that business/IT alignment dance

Further on the quest to figure out what a “cloud-native enterprise architect” is:

What’s the “business” side of enterprise architecture? And how does EA’ing start mapping to DevOps, cloud-native, and all the new stuff? In part one of this discussion, I talk with Matt Walburn about how EA’s fit into The Business.

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4 Replies to “Coté Show: North-bound Enterprise Architecture with Matt Walburn – that business/IT alignment dance”

  1. That was an awesome interview. It was as if you were reading my mind and asking the questions I’ve been struggling with to define a way ahead for Enterprise Architecture to adopt Cloud native thinking. That, combined with your talk on the same subject this past week was worth saviing and re-listening to.

    Two quick questions:

    I can’t figure out where your show notes are.
    You mentioned some books you’ve been reading on EA. I’m a retired Marine and trying to get my head quickly around some EA concepts so I can pivot to cloud-native recommendations for some DOD customers we’re supporting. Do you have a reading list of some of the books you’ve been consulting (perhaps the show notes already cover this).


    1. You’re awesome! Thanks so much. I was smoking a cigar under a tree at lunch today talking Enterprise Architecture with a guy who used to be one of the top guys at DHS. He agrees that EA needs some real work within the federal government.


      1. You should both come on the podcast – for real!

        Also, there’s a couple more podcasts in this topic in the last two episodes of Pivotal Conversations and then another episode of Coté Show.


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