Coté Show #23: “I don’t have a horse or gun.” Or: We were born in Austin. Or: “you may all go to hell. I am going to Texas.”

Another episode of Charles’ and I’s “throw-back” to our Drunk and Retired Podcast days. This one, on the topic of people’s perceptions of Texas abroad.

Check out the show notes for subscription options and links to stuff mentioned in the show.

One Reply to “Coté Show #23: “I don’t have a horse or gun.” Or: We were born in Austin. Or: “you may all go to hell. I am going to Texas.””

  1. Emacs tip – use Vi

    Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
    Even a Master of Arts Comes Simpler
    Emacs Manuals Are Cryptic and Surreal
    Energetic Merchants Always Cultivate Sales
    Each Manual’s Audience is Completely Stupified
    Emacs Means A Crappy Screen
    Eventually Munches All Computer Storage
    Even My Aunt Crashes the System
    Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete Simplicity
    Elsewhere Maybe Alternative Civilizations Survive
    Egregious Managers Actively Court Stallman
    Esoteric Malleability Always Considered Silly
    Emacs Manuals Always Cause Senility
    Easily Maintained with the Assistance of Chemical Solutions
    Edwardian Manifestation of All Colonial Sins
    Generally Not Used
    Except by Middle Aged Computer Scientists
    Extended Macros Are Considered Superfluous
    Every Mode Accelerates Creation of Software
    Elsewhere Maybe All Commands are Simple
    Emacs May Allow Customized Screwups
    Excellent Manuals Are Clearly Suppressed
    Emetic Macros Assault Core and Segmentation
    Embarrassed Manual-Writer Accused of Communist Subversion
    Extensibility and Modifiability Aggravate Confirmed Simpletons
    Emacs May Annihilate Command Structures
    Easily Mangles, Aborts, Crashes and Stupifies
    Extraneous Macros And Commands Stink
    Exceptionally Mediocre Algorithm for Computer Scientists
    EMACS Makes no Allowances Considering its Stiff price
    Equine Mammals Are Considerably Smaller
    Embarrassingly Mundane Advertising Cuts Sales
    Every Moron Assumes CCA is Superior
    Exceptionally Mediocre Autocratic Control System
    EMACS May Alienate Clients and Supporters
    Excavating Mayan Architecture Comes Simpler
    Erasing Minds Allows Complete Submission
    Every Male Adolescent Craves Sex
    Elephantine Memory Absolutely Considered Sine que non
    Emacs Makers Are Crazy Sickos
    Eenie-Meenie-Miney-Mo- Macros Are Completely Slow
    Experience the Mildest Ad Campaign ever Seen
    Emacs Makefiles Annihilate C- Shells
    Eradication of Memory Accomplished with Complete Simplicity
    Emetic Macros Assault Core and Segmentation
    Epileptic MLisp Aggravates Compiler Seizures
    Eleven thousand Monkeys Asynchronously Crank out these Slogans
    Emacs Masquerades As Comfortable Shell
    Ever Made A Control-key Setup?
    Emacs: My Alternative Computer Story
    Emacs Made Almost Completely Screwed (by extensive use of M-x global-unset-key)
    Emacs Macht Alle Computer Schoen (Deutsch: Emacs makes all computers beautiful)
    Each Mail A Continued Surprise
    Every Mode Acknowledges Customized Strokes (keystrokes, of course :-)
    Eating Memory And Cycle-Sucking
    Everyday Material Almost Compiled Successfully


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