Digital transformation, IoT, & such in the auto industry

There’s a pretty good, brief overview of what all this digital, IoT, etc. stuff could mean for the auto industry by Victor Kingery (of GE) over on DZone.

He outlines are three areas:

  1. Connected cars – gathering all the info onboard and using it for, at least, preventive maintenance and some auto insurance tweaking.
  2. Self-driving cars – “More than likely, semi-autonomous vehicles will allow for the mundane tasks of driving to be done by the vehicle’s computers, such as monotonous highway driving, but allow the driver to take over the vehicle when compelled to do so due to unforeseen circumstances.”
  3. Electric vehicles – “It will take more than automakers improving battery technology. It will take governments and private business working together to create the infrastructure to enable wide scale battery recharging possible.”

Source: “Automotive Evolution and Digital Industrial Transformation.”

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