And just today, [Bloomberg is reporting] another executive order being drafted focused on work visas that tech companies depend on, which will have a big impact on how critical talent is recruited. According to the report, “companies would have to try to hire American first and if they recruit foreign workers, priority would be given to the most highly paid.”

More: I was at a chock-full event in Palo Alto last week, as tech types planned their attack on the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the reinstatement of the global gag rule by Trump and the GOP that restricts foreign aid to those organizations that reference abortions in family planning. It was a move that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke out against last week. “We don’t have to guess,” she wrote, noting that the move is a disaster for women globally. “We know what this will do.”

What else? Well, now there are rumors that Trump could sign another executive order aimed at restricting advances in rights made by gays and lesbians, such as allowing people to refuse to do business with them due to religious objections (expect federal legislation here too). And, earlier this week, press secretary Sean Spicer also said, “I don’t know,” when asked if Trump would rescind a Barack Obama executive order banning anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors.

Given tech leaders have been very vocal in their support of gay issues, which are important to their employees, if Trump does any of this, it should go off like a Roman candle in Silicon Valley.

Kara Swisher lays out the naïve basis of thinking things would go well, then a suggestion for tech black-balling Trump and his cronies: they’ll likely take actions to harm tech labor and culture, and business as well.

I’m all for fail-fast when it’s in the world of business, but the confusion and whip-lashing in the immigration stuff this weekend shows that the hobgoblins are both in over their heads and also don’t realize how dangerous caviler their policy setting is.

My concern – as it always has been – is that the Trump adminstration is both against my morals and inept enough to dangerously goof things up. Their bald-facing (any petty!) lying and moronic roll-our of this Muslim Ban shows them to be unfit.

Just imagine how damaging that ineptitude will be when it comes to the nuanced, complicated world of tech. For example: anyone fancy their electronic toys being 30% to 45% more expensive?

Read more reporting on how poorly this was all handled from today’s NY Times piece.

See also Victor Rozek’s history-injected opinion and advice in this topic. Also, a round-up of tech executives public statements on the topic, from Sam Biddle. Also, RedMonk’s call to action.

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