Think your organization is too caustic for “agile”? That actually makes it perfect

Many organizations object to the idea of doing anything remotely similar to “agile” based on the lack of communications between different groups and an overall caustic corporate culture. While more cynical than most agile adherents would like, the functional practices in agile may actually be a perfect fit for such corrupted cultures. As Grady Beaubouef ingeniously explains it:

The customer should perform a realistic assessment of the relationship between their Business and the internal IT organization. If the relationship does not foster effective collaboration or there is a known alignment challenge, then this presents a significant project risk. An iterative approach should be considered in this situation – especially when it comes to software developments for packaged software enhancements and customizations.

I finished up Beaubouef’s book on the plan today. It’s somewhat tedious to get through – the topic of planning and project managing big COTS installs isn’t exactly thrilling – it’s chock full of useful thinking.

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