Idera remains a stable of individual products

While large monitoring vendors like New Relic and AppDynamics are taking a platform approach, where they continue to add capabilities to a unified product, Idera’s strategy is to offer separate product lines.

If they look to expand beyond one or two products, most systems management companies end up being a collection of un-integrated products. It often makes more sense to do so as the products are used by different staff for different things. Also, most systems management companies are done through acquisitions, not organic development. Lacing in a framework of tools across Windows, Java, Linux, SaaS, and whatever else is tough.

It’d be cool if all that weren’t case for sure.

Nancy Gohring’s recent report on Idera also has a business update:

Idera has 20,000 paying customers and draws from a pool of over 60,000 users of its free offerings. Average selling price varies by product, ranging from $500,000 to $1m for Precise products, and about $10,000 for Idera SQL and Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. It expects revenue of roughly $100m this year.

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