Mean time to sleep – monitoring the monitors

A number of observability teams have set up systems that correlate sleep data from wearable devices to alerts as a way to track the impact of being on call on worker sleep. The programs are voluntary. Etsy imports on-call-staff Fitbit or Jawbone data into Graphite to watch whether the amount of sleep that workers are losing during on-call weeks is going up, so that workers can take that data to managers and argue that they’re losing too much sleep. It calculates mean time to sleep and sleep time lost because of alerts.

Airbnb hopes to look for other ways to track work, such as sending automatic alerts to managers when an on-call admin hasn’t slept much in a couple of days so that a schedule change might be used to take the burden off that worker. The company also is thinking about ways it might measure time that engineers spend in Slack helping with incidents so that managers can encourage them to take a break if they’re overdoing it.

From Nancy Gohring’s trip report on Monitorama.

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