064: Residential Diaper Rash – Software Defined Talk

While Texas moistens up, we talk about the morals of rich tech folks suing journalists, the state of open source business, the history of the BI market, and how to use the Meeker decks. Check out the full show notes for links to the recommendations, conferences, and tech news items we didn’t get to cover.

Listen above, subscribe to the feed (or iTunes), or download the MP3 directly.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.


Show notes

“Residential Diaper Rash”

Battling Billionaires

Making money in open source


Notes from Corporate Strategy Land

Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report

  • Video of the presentation
  • Quartz highlights
    • Software is getting faster at eating the (ecommerce) world: “The time it takes retailers to get to $100 million in online sales is shrinking. It took Nike 14 years from the time its retail site launched, compared to nine years for Lululemon, and eight year for Under Armour.”
  • 213 slides of charts (PDF).



One thought on “064: Residential Diaper Rash – Software Defined Talk

  1. Hello guys, I have to thank you for a great show and many thanks for doing the Mary Meeker review. Waiting for me in my email was a email from our CEO with the slide deck attached. 213 slides! and the 25 minute youtube. You provided a great value for the community and now I filed the report in the appropriate folder.


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