Please teach my kid Spanish, or, What have the Romans ever done for us?

I got a survey from my son’s school district about foreign language preferences. I was predictably shocked that Spanish wasn’t listed in the rankings we were asked to do:

To be post-PC, I suppose Spanish isn’t a foreign language in the US, esp. in Texas. However, I wanted to drive home my point so left this comment.

I really, really would like my son (and daughter when she’s old enough) to be taught Spanish in school. I could go look up the stats, but given our geography (our hemisphere, really), Spanish and English seem like the most useful, functional languages.

I only know terrible gringo-Spanish and I wish I knew it much better. When I went to school, we were deathly afraid that the Japanese were going to take over, so I took Japanese in junior high, then French in high school. I finally wised up and took Spanish in college and now speak my crappy Spanish and barely understand it when others speak it. Spanish is such a valuable language for not only everyday life, but also understanding, emphasizing, and therefor beneficially living with all our the Spanish speaking fellow citizens. I’m sure Chinese will be handy, which is why I ranked it as first in the options given, but if I could rank Spanish as my preferred #1–10, then I’d list Chinese as #11, followed by the ordering I had.

Latin seems like a waste, and I’m an incredibly jingoistic about Western culture. If a dead language had to be taught, I’d rather Ancient Greek was taught so that kids could read Greek texts in their original state: I don’t think the Romans did that much that’s beyond remixes of Greek things (Marcus Aurelius and Lucretius aside) — I mean, can you imagine reading Plato, Aristotle, Heraclitius, and Homer in the original Greek? It’d be amazing!

Apologies for the “open letter,” please read it in the appropriate voice.

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