058: Fracturization, The Google Cloud, or, but does it integrate with Active Directory? – Software Defined Talk


Is Google serious with this “NoOps” business? On the face of it, we hope not and extensively discuss why. Meanwhile, what’s up with open source and Trotskyites?

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With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.


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Show notes

Open Source

Google trotting out customers in advance of NEXT

  • Apple, Spotify, more on Spotify.
  • Not a cloud->cloud migration, actually ditched their data centers
  • Harteau says while operating its own data centers was ‘a pain’, it was a safer option for the company until now.”



Are you a software nihilist?


2 Replies to “058: Fracturization, The Google Cloud, or, but does it integrate with Active Directory? – Software Defined Talk”

  1. Hey, I proudly listen to your podcast. I thought 47 was young until I walked by this heritage site cemetery. Today, I decided to cross the street and read the plaques and tombstones. It was an old Methodist cemetery from 1843. Seems most of the people died between the ages of 20 and 40. That made me sad, realizing I’m not the young keen university graduate any more, just slogging towards voluntary retirement or being walked behind the tool shed by my employer.

    On the point of open-source, there is no point anymore, its just a couple of words that has no meaning. The reason my small company of 30 talk about it is because we develop call center software, and its seen by director level and up as a silver bullet. Open-source is seen as a way to not pay for software, to save licensing. So I think for most people who don’t think deeply about it open-source == free and no strings attached.


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