Speaking at DevOpsDays London, April 19th and 20th

I’ll be speaking at DevOpsDays London this coming April. It’ll be exciting, and the line-up looks great:

  • Joanne Molesky (The Lean Enterprise) – We are great at DevOps but the Enterprise is failing
  • Gareth Rushgrove (DevOps Weekly/Puppet Labs) – Rate of change, (un)opinionated platforms and Devops coevolution
  • Kris Saxton (Automation Logic) – Bi-Model IT and other Snakeoil
  • Thiago Almeida (Microsoft) – DevOps inside Microsoft engineering: lessons learned
  • Gene Kim (The Phoenix Project) – The impact of DevOps becoming mainstream
  • Jeromy Carriere (Google) – Enterprise Ops Rising
  • Casey West (Pivotal) – Minimum viable platform

And, here’s the talk I’ll be giving, the first of my 2016 “state of DevOps”-style talks:

Land of the Living Donkeys, State of DevOps in 2016

DevOps is finally mainstream and there will massive carnage from companies that don’t understand how to properly apply it to their organizations. These are the “donkeys” that contrast to the “unicorns” we spend all our time focusing on. This talk goes over what drives the need for DevOps for donkeys, how they can safely apply it to their organization, and stories of regular companies doing so.

It’s one thing for tech companies to seek out the best way to create and run their own software, but seeing non-tech companies large and small start to gravitate towards becoming software experts is a recent trend. Regular companies – “donkeys” in my parlance – are being forced to become software companies. After years of outsourcing and neglecting this part of IT in favor of wringing out costs in virtualization and SaaS, most companies find themselves terrible deficient in their software development capabilities. Thankfully, cloud and DevOps are racing in the save the day. But wait, is it just as simple as installing a cloud, putting Jenkins in place, and then deploying daily? Hardly. There’s predictions that around 90% of these types of transformations will fail. And rightly so, there’s nothing easy about being a software company.

This talk will cover the history that’s brought us to this point – how companies are now in a position where they need to become masters of their own custom software development – and then give guidelines for safely and reliably making the switchover to taking on a DevOps mind-set. I’ll cover associated concepts like what cloud actually is and can do for you and the major way that “management” needs to change.

There’s some early bird tickets left, or just regular priced ones if you want to lallygag: check out the registration page. If you end up coming – or are in town those dates – it’d be awesome to meetup!

Pivotal is also sponsoring, so we’ll be there with a full table and the usual compliment of schwag and conversations to be had. I’ll see y’all there!

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