This week is a lull in travel. I’m closing out the year by going to lots of DevOpsDays (Charlotte, where I’m speaking, and Silicon Valley next week), a few internal summits, and my first Gartner show, where I’m speaking in a sponsored slot.

Tech & Work World

Shameless Self Promotion

Journey Time

I finished up my “cloud native journey” series recently. The real title should be something more like “how not to fuck up your cloud strategy.” Obviously, it explains the type of thinking and environment that Pivotal Cloud Foundry is built for, but I spend most of the time discussing “culture” change in an organization, regardless of what technology you use.

Check out the series, and if you’d prefer the hear me present it, we have a three part webinar series, the first one is out next week, Nov 5th with the next two coming out in December, on the 1st and then the 15th.

There’s also a preview of the first webinar in the form of my slides if you want to poke at it.

Back to Evernote

Clearly, I’m the kind of person who switches between things a lot. After a long time using the old plain text files in Dropbox approach, I went back to using Evernote. I missed the “all in one thing” nature of Evernote and the ability to put images in there. This is sort of possible with markdown and plain text files, but not as easy.

After re-wiring all Drafts to save things to Evernote and a few weeks of usage, I think it’s pretty good. The iOS apps are responsive enough, and I also like having 7 years of my stuff in there. The related notes it shows in searches are interesting. The geo-location’ing that Evernote is also interesting. I enjoy looking through my digital past with as much data as possible to refresh my memory.

Now that I’m not getting briefed all the time (and instead spend most of time creating content rather than in meetings) I don’t actually take that many notes.

Quick Hits

Fun & IRL


At first, I thought this was a costume of a motion capture suit. “Light Up Stick Man” makes a lot more sense.



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