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Big news for the company I work in this week. Sadly for my desires to write about and link to interesting stories on it, I have to take a pass. It’s bad form for employees to comment on any of this stuff; and since I worked at Dell on strategy and M&A for software and cloud, it’s double a bad idea. There’s a lot of good write-ups out there, enjoy them.

Slack Behavior

I complain about Slack a lot in the SDT podcast, but, really, it’s a good, effective collaboration tool. The more technical people use it at Pivotal: we’re waiting for the sales and corporate marketing people to get in there. Once everyone gets in, I think it’ll be great. The idea that it not only cuts down on email but speeds up decision making (and, thus, action) is very true, anecdotally for me at least. Daily I find myself about to send an email and then thinking, “I should just write to the person in Slack or put this in the channel.” In that respect, it’s much like instant messaging, to be sure.

In the marketing/evangelism groups I’ve been in, we don’t do much with the integrations – early on we played with things like Trello integration. The integrations clog the channel up a bit.

What I’d like to see more of, in our use, is thinking more about how we use: making the implicit explicit, as it were. For example, we had a discussion about what the “available”e icon means. Does it mean someone will respond back quickly? Nope, not in out Slack “culture”: it doesn’t really mean anything, people will reply when they reply.

The other thing we should try to do more is create channels for ongoing “threads” of conversation. For example, we have a #DevOpsDays channel to discuss our participation on those conferences.

Anyhow, it’s a good tool. Slack is at that difficult point now where they have to balance throwing in new features and changing nothing at all. It’ll be fun to see what they come up with. I’d love to have a Google Hangouts/Skype/Zoom that works perfectly and seamlessly. They used to call it “unified communications,” and it’d be nice to have another go at that.


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