The Software Nihilist – Software Defined Talk #41


After finally settling an important RescueBots debate, we discuss keeping optimistic in the tech industry. And there’s much to be (potentially) cynical about: bad work conditions at Amazon and the tech industry as whole, inscrutable restructuring at Google, and rumored fire-sales in the APM space. With a trust, detailed taxonomy of nihilism, somehow, we manage to keep it together nonetheless.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

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A tale of two ITs | Business Cloud News

“The challenges are cultural, organisational, and technical. According to the 2015 BCN Annual Industry Survey, which petitioned over 700 senior IT decision makers, over 67 per cent of enterprises plan to implement multiple cloud services over the next 18 months, but close to 70 per cent were worried about how those services would integrate with other cloud services and 90 per cent were concerned about how they will integrate those cloud services with their legacy or on-premise services.”

A tale of two ITs | Business Cloud News