Coté Memo #076: How cloud native makes customers awesome


  • The piece on “cloud journeys” I excerpted from last time is now posted.

Tech & Work World

Cloud Native

I’ve been writing some pieces on “cloud native” of late. It’s a term we’ve been using at work to describe what we’re all about. Here’s an excerpt from an internal newsletter piece I drafted today:

You’ve probably coming across the term “cloud native” frequently. James Watters has an excellent post on the topic, but I wanted add some background for y’all here. We’ve made “cloud native” an umbrella term to describe what Pivotal Cloud Foundry does for our customers. It’s shorthand for how we make our customers awesome: our platform gives them the tools and processes needed to start deploying their custom-written software weekly, if not daily, along with the tools needed to keep that software running happily in

With this platform and knowing how to use these cloud superpowers, our customers become truly agile: frequently changing both their businesses and IT processes to keep competitive, e.g., they can think of a new business idea on Monday and have it up and running by Friday.

Speaking of this, if you’re interested in migrating to cloud-land, check out an excerpt from Josh Long’s upcoming book, Cloud Native Java. on the topic. Also, of course, you can get the developer experience for free for two months.

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Shameless Self Promotion

  • Last week’s Software Defined Talk podcast: “Once we settle the important topic of lawn management in Texas, we discuss the circus around HP dress codes (and the actual lack of them), HP/Stackato, GitHub and the ALM market, and the odd fate of the GPL in commercial software land.”
  • Torture your friends with three ways of modeling the ROI for DevOps.

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