The converging Red Hat stack, Go, and those damn analysts – Software Defined Talk #37


This week, we discuss Red Hat and it’s slow and steady nature. We also talk about RedMonk’s programming language ranking and the role of Go in infrastructure software, recent industry analyst ranking, calendars, and our recommendations as always.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

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Show notes

DevOpsDays Amsterdam - Thursday June 25th

RedMonk Programming Language Index

Thoughts on the Red Hat Summit?

Rating analyst firms considered dangerous?

  • Check out the comments on this recent IIAR ranking of firms for the usual fighting about analysts…
  • Including the analysts of analysts poking each other in the eye… IIAR, Duncan, and KCG. Keep it classy!


  • RUMOR: Digital Ocean raises $83 million – “Today, DigitalOcean is ranked as the third largest hosting company in the world in terms of number of web sites hosted, behind Amazon Web Services and French company OVH, and has grown 14x in the last year, from 10,000 sites hosted to 140,000.” – “…bringing its overall funding to $90.4 million”


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