Composable Cloud At HP

“It’s not a microservice-built application; it’s not moving to a true CI/CD model; but it gets them incrementally on that path, and they start to get some value more short-term from that.”

“That’s where we focus: hit ’em where their problems are today,” he says. “‘Skate to where the puck is going,’ to use the Gretzky saying, but at the same time don’t skate out of the rink. Don’t come at them and say, ‘Hey, we have the microservices platform for you.’ ‘Awesome. What am I going to do with my SAP system?’ Getting that balance right is what we’ve been focused on.”

Bill Hilf on HP’s cloud approach.

Over communicating with change management

What I found is that this change management was really valuable. It was valuable in a number of regards. The first part of change management, which was interesting, was developing the case for change. Not to presume—even though it would be very easy to presume—that the organization would understand why it was important to do this but really to sit down and drive a compelling case for change that explained why people should go out of their comfort zone and actually go along with us in what was going to be an important but very challenging journey. We did that. We sold that all the time. We had town hall after town hall to continue to remind people why we were going through this.

And then the broad concept of constantly touching in with people and communicating and, frankly, over-communicating and sometimes even communicating when you had very little, if anything, to communicate just so that people could see you and not begin to develop views that were inconsistent with where you were heading, was really valuable.

Private cloud, still a thing

Round up of some recent private cloud surveys:

A comprehensive 451 Research report recently identified that hosted private clouds today accounted 25 per cent of budget for off-premises infrastructure spending and growing to 29 per cent in two years. Public cloud accounted for 17 per cent today and growing to 18 per cent in two years.

Private cloud has come to include “public private cloud,” hosted/dedicated gear.