The flywheel go-to-market model

The Flywheel Model differs from the Traditional Model in one fundamental regard. The enterprise sales team is exclusively inbound. They are explicitly denied the option of seeking business outside the customer base, and must gin up business from only existing customers. The enterprise sales team is an up-sell and cross-sell team. In fact, so is the mid-market sales team. Only the SMB marketing team is permitted to acquire new leads. In short, the Flywheel flips the traditional idea of enterprise people as hunters and others as farmers.

Also, some constraints on market match, such as:

Flywheel models work very well in sectors where the ultimate buyer has is very difficult to sell or market to, (e.g., product managers and engineers). The high customer acquisition costs of these customer types are driven by their software evaluation and product purchasing behaviors which differ from the norm. These customer segments often prefer educating themselves than relying on a salesperson. Engineers don’t buy software the way marketers do.

The flywheel go-to-market model

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