Ecosystems: how do they work? – Software Defined Talk #030


With a new round of funding in Docker, we discuss the ecosystem around Docker and how different vendors might be thinking through their involvement. This brings up a broader discussion of the ecosystems around OpenStack and Cloud Foundry, and even the Apache Software Foundation.

With Brandon Whichard, Matt Ray, and Coté.

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Show notes

Docker Funding…

  • $95M “Currently, Docker is investing heavily in its go-to-market strategy, but also in the technology stack where it plans to expand the platform’s capabilities with a focus on networking, security and storage tools around its service.”
  • coverage, goin’ for the gold: “‘For us to become a public company — which is certainly our intention,” Golub told The New Stack’s Alex Williams, ‘we’ve got a long road ahead of us that includes not only continued growth in open source, and developing a healthy ecosystem around it, but also proving there’s a solid revenue model. All the signs are very, very good, all the momentum is there, and the next several years are going to be about solid execution, both on the community and on the commercial side.'”
  • 120 employees
  • “Last year Docker earned less than $10 million in revenue, Golub confirmed.”
  • And as always, The Future of Everything.
  • Coté to explain the uneasy feel everyone (read: vendors!) has about Docker: it seems like they’re winner takes all.
  • Twitter turns off the Firehose (Matt) – Be careful building your company on someone else’s good graces
  • Speaking of crazy-ass valuations, Ben Thompson’s 1999 – How the IPO landscape has changed, specifically related to Growth Capital.

More Ecosystem Talk

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