Coté Memo #064: I’m calling from Mexico, someone has stolen the Venus de Milo!


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Week in Mexico

I had a nice chance to spend the week in Mexico this week. A friend of mine rented a house here in Sayulita and asked if we wanted to go along. Since I work remotely, so long as there’s a fast enough Internet connection, I’m good to go. Now, the family is frolicing around on the beach while I type away in cyberspace. What a world!

That advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide was right, though: we should of brought more towels.

Allow to comment on the odd design of these matches:

Week in Mexico

First off all, the Venus statue. Sure. Makes sense for matches. And there’s a train, of course, and the Pantheon goes along with the statue…plus you can win $1,500 pesos? I’m not really sure what’s happening here.

I like to think there’s a caper where someone stole the Venus de Milo and is transporting it on a train. Perhaps an overworked Mexican detective is working with interpol investigating where this Mexican train is traveling and trying to find the statue. I don’t know, they sent the Venus di Milo to a musem in Mexico, or it was being transporting between the Panama Canal and Boston, or something. A sort of The City and The City situataion? Hijinks occur, and they end up solving the mystery with some match sticks.

That’s probably it.

Here’s some photos of the area:

Week in Mexico

Week in Mexico

Quick Hits

Fun & IRL


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