Coté Memo #063: Working at Pivotal and Yak shaving


In reponse to the analyst access commentary from last time, a reader wrote in:

Are you familiar with Securosis? They’re a security-only analyst firm.

Their business model is pretty different – everything they publish is free, and make money through sponsorship and inquiries etc. They have a model they call totally transparent research. I don’t know how much they make – but apparently they make enough to cover themselves.

Tech & Work World

Working at Pivotal

Cote Pivotal Linedrawing

I started a new job earlier this month at Pivotal. I haven’t had time to write an informal overview yet, but instead I did this interview/post on the official Pivotal blog.

There’s also a follow-up piece that I haven’t promoted too much yet. I’ve been busy. Hopefully I’ll have my feet better under me.

So far it’s been great, I’m really liking it. We have so much cool stuff at Pivotal and are getting crazy traction, with around $40m in Pivotal Cloud Foundry bookings last year.

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